How To Heal Your Sugar Cravings

How To Heal Your Sugar Cravings is an online program devoted to helping you get past uncontrollable cravings and binge session that lead you away from your dreams and desires and into shame and guilt.

There are six modules of getting reconnected with your body and your true needs as well as practical application steps to get you there.  This is not a diet and it’s definitely not the same old same old superficial approach.  We go deep in this program to make the meaningful changes that don’t just get you across the finish line of ‘no more sugar binges’ but keep you there.  Open NOW – June 1st.

Wild Soul Movement

Wild Soul Movement helps you set boundaries, release past experiences, and opens you up for more pleasure, joy, and ease in your life.

During the sessions, we use movement to connect with and listen to the body. We use mantras to reprogram and empower the mind. And we use meditation to nourish the soul and cultivate inner peace. During our opening and closing circles, we use our voices to connect as women with real stuff going on and cultivate appreciation of tribe, trust and truth.

Grace and Power Barre – 3 Workout Series

Series of 3 Barre Workouts that will challenge you and get you feeling and looking strong, graceful and feminine.  These are my unique series of barre which incorporates low impact cardio, standing barre, mat work, upper body and abs.  Each workout includes a warm up and cool down and averages 50 minutes.  These are my best and favorite moves from my years as a barre instructor, my own workouts and private barre trainings.  The 3 workouts are designed to work together synergystically to get you the best results from your efforts.


Soul Sweat..

Mantra infused, soul-soothing, body strengthening and empowering workout video series.  Based on asking women what they wanted to FEEL when they workout, the answers came back very clear:  Powerful, Strong, Alive and Free.  There are currently four workouts made for all levels.  Modifications for low impact as well as modifications for higher intensity.  It’s all there.