Google ‘Fitness Motivation Quotes’ and let’s look at what you will find…

Don’t Stop Until You Puke, Faint or Die…

If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You

Train Like A Beast, Look Like a Beauty

Sweat is Just Fat Crying

You Can Feel Sore Tomorrow or You Can Feel Sorry

The message is all about warrior your way through, conquer, power, challenge, train ‘dirty’ whatever THAT is.  These are definitely fire-you-up messages, and to be honest, they are kind of violent.  Are these motivational quotes working for us?

Consider in a September 2015 study of adult obesity in the United States, rates of obesity in 45 states are above the 25% level and every state has 20% or above obesity levels.  That’s one in five of us that are obese.  These are scary statistics.

Apparently there are many of us who don’t want to conquer, puke, feel sore and train like a beast.  If you really read those, are they that motivating to you?  They make exercise sound evil and so hard that it’s nearly impossible.  And really, they suggest that you not LISTEN to your body… If you are at the point of puking or fainting you are over training!  That’s not a funny place to be.  We need to ask ourselves…

At what point did we stop enjoying moving?

At what point did we stop listening to our bodies?

…And, at what point do we stop what we are doing and become more conscious?

I am going to suggest three different sources of TRUE MOTIVATION for you.


Get to know the body you have. Your body may be tall, short, curvy or thin.  Maybe you put on muscle easily, maybe you have a long torso or maybe you’re skinny on top and curvy on bottom.  No matter.  Your body is YOUR body.  It looks a certain way.  It moves a certain way. Maybe you are great at swimming or headstands or push ups. Well then how many push ups can you do?  Experiment with your strengths. Each one of us has advantages and all though we might believe that the ‘grass is greener on the other side’, we all know by now that if you pay attention and water your own grass, you will have your own beautiful garden.  Same thing with bodies!  Focus on your body, not just how it looks but also what it can DO.  Expand into that and let THAT motivate you.


You are more than a cross-fitter a yogi or a runner.  You are a human and you were born to move. We all are.  However, there are somedays when you are going to be super motivated and there are some days when you are not.  That’s life.  You’re going to have to learn to listen to your body and it’s needs and desires. If you have firm (but realistic goals) there are times you will need to be more firm with yourself.  This does not mean you go until you puke, faint or die as the ‘motivational’ image suggests.  It means holding a space for yourself to grow toward your goal.  You commit to giving the best you can for 30 minutes or however long and then you move on with your day.  Being healthy is not about six-pack abs and a great butt.  Mind you, those things are super and they might be part of the picture for you, but let’s look at the BIGGER picture.  Your goal is to be healthy and fit for life!  Is your way of being fit sustainable?  If not, change right now and make it so.  Be a lifer!


As a society, we have gone into a mode of over-correction.  Now curvy is the new REAL woman  It’s brave to show a picture of your naked over-weight self.  Some of us have been conditioned to feel bad about our bodies since we were little and at least this is a swing in embracing bigger bodies, but let’s just be real. Bodies come in different shapes, sizes, colors and even ages.  There is no correct number on the scale. Most of us want to feel sexy and desirable no matter who we are and where we come from.  And that’s ok!  The really good news is that beauty comes in different packages AND it’s a subjective topic! What might be sexy to me, may not be sexy to another. That’s the true beauty of well, beauty! So, lighten up around your goals and have fun with yourself getting there.  Flex, pose, dance, selfie and jump around!