This time of year can get a little confusing. There are SO many diet plans and workout programs and articles and advices, etc that your head can spin! This is the KEY that you need to remember no matter what or where you are starting this new year.

Goals Starts with GO!!!  This is KEY to remember!

Goals Starts with GO!!! This is KEY to remember!

Goals starts with GO. Go as in Get moving! You can adjust as you go along if something is not working for you. Not sure when or what to eat? Not sure how many days to workout a week? There is so much information, opinions and advice that yes, it CAN get overwhelming.

Here’s the solution. Start anyway!! See how your body feels as you begin your workouts. See how it reacts. What do YOU think is a better choice than what you were doing.

Yes, you can do a little research on google, read magazines, see what is working for your friends. Yes, you can hire a professional. But not starting because you are waiting to know how much, and when and how often and what with what is an excuse. And excuses, if you let them, will defeat you.

Don’t let that happen, get up and GO!!!