I woke up to this comment this morning….

Butt Comment

“I am sorry but the fitness instructor should probably work on her butt before posting any videos.” What?!?! Who really writes that? Is it 2016 and we are still having this discussion? Wow…..

Here’s what I have to say about it. This comment is nothing more to me than an example of how much RE-education needs to happen for us beautiful women. We have such impossible body standards for our selves. And this little Dear, I wonder what her OWN internal self talk is and what impossible body standards she holds her self to. How sad I am for her.

And as for me, it is a reminder that guess what, I LOVE MY BUTT!! And guess what else?! My butt is NOT perfect. I have cellulite. It could be more rounded, firmer, more lifted more whatever… but it is how it IS.  And I have worked for what I’ve GOT! What matters to me is that I feel sexy and fit and strong…

And I like to shake it!!! hahahahaha!!

Happy Thursday to you Sexy Ladies out there…whatever your butt looks like, OWN it!!