About Me

I believe in women.

I also believe in the human body….

I believe if given a safe and supported environment, you and your body can function in perfect, beautiful harmony and not be in a painful state of war.

After having worked with women over the past six years, I have shared too many tears with women who hate what they see in the mirror, hate their bodies and spend so much precious time and energy not feeling good about themselves.

Ladies, we are at a critical point.  The expectations of women are bigger than ever: Career woman, house wife, mother, and let’s just admit it, sex object.  Advertisers bombard us with messages of unattainable and unsustainable ways of being.  Recent fitness trends are all about high intensity and nearly killing yourself to attain six packs and strong muscles.  On top of that, we are in a social media competition to see who can do more and be more.  We, as women, are collectively exhausted and when we are exhausted, we don’t make the best choices for ourselves.

I am drawing a line in the sand for you. You deserve something better.  For many of you, I know you think losing weight is the answer.  All your problems will be solved and miracles will happen once you reach your goal weight.  That’s what advertisers want us to believe.  Buy this and poof, fixed.  I’m here to tell you, from my own experience AND the experience of working with other women, it’s NOT the case.

Whatever you are trying to solve by getting to the perfect weight is mutually exclusive.

You know that.

And yet the power of modern day marketing is strong.  Too strong.

It’s time for us to come home to our bodies and to bring our bodies back to its natural, calm, peaceful, awesome-to-behold state of wholeness.

I am making a pledge to you.  My programs in 2017 will be weight-neutral programs.  I want to work with you on de-stressing, balancing your mood and aligning your intentions so that you can make better decisions for yourself; decisions that serve you.

After all, what good does losing weight do if you don’t have the energy, time or mood to sustain it?

Now, listen, with my programs, you probably WILL lose weight and you probably WILL tone and lift, but that’s not the main goal.  Those are the bonus benefits.   My support, coaching and programs are about connecting back into your true needs and wants.  And I can assure you, it’s not cookies and a six-pack.

It’s time for you to be the center of your own life.  Let me show you how.