Barre Workouts are the new fitness buzz for women that you cannot (and should not) ignore!  However, if you’ve yet to take a class you may be a little confused on the concept of what a Barre class really is.  Even if you have taken a class  you might not be able to explain to your friend, WHY she needs to come with you next time.  Here are your most common Barre Workout questions answered.

  1. What is a BARRE workout? 

    Barre workouts are a fusion of Ballet, Pilates and Fitness.  This is a workout made by a woman and therefore a workout made with a women’s body in mind.  Barre is designed to target our trouble spots – glutes, thighs, abdominals and backs of arms.  All movements and series of movements work in such a way that you are lifting and toning to create a nice long, lean and light body.

2.   Do you need to have ballet or pilates experience? 

No worries if you are not a ballerina, you do not need ballet experience to be good or enjoy the class.

3.  What kind of equipment do I need?

The workout uses minimal equipment, of course there is the barre itself which can be free-standing or wall supported.  Other typical equipment used are resistance bands, small 2-3 pound weights and or small pilates balls.  What’s great about this is that you can easily do this workout at home.  Whether your purchase a free standing portable barre to use in your home or use the back of a chair as support you can do everything with minimal investment and space.

4.  Who is this workout for?

It is a great workout for runners or anyone who lacks flexibility because of this amount of stretching. It is also a great low-impact workout so that anyone can enjoy its benefits including women who are in early to mid-stages of pregnancy or women who have just had a baby.  Many of my Barre clients are also people who have or are recovering from injury and cannot due high impact classes, but still want something results-oriented.  Because the class is low impact it is a safer option for your joints however, it’s still dynamic. You will sweat in this class. Many people hear ballet and pilates and think it will be slow, that is not the case.  In my system, we specifically add in low impact cardio intervals to help not just sculpt your body but also burn fat.

5.  How does a Barre class go? 

After warming up, Barre Classes are usually broken into segments which work through targeted muscle groups.  For instance in my Six Weeks On Pointe Barre Workout System, we include standing thigh work, standing seat work, mat work, upper body and core so that you are getting a total body workout.  Within each segment there are 8-12 exercises included before moving on to the next muscle group or series.  Using only light weights, minimal equipment and a high number of repetitions we target getting deep into the muscle to tighten and pull everything in and then follow up each segment by stretching.  The stretching element is a key piece to creating a nice long, lean, flexible and toned body without bulk.

6. How will my body feel with this type of workout?

Barre is an elongation-based movement practice.  Working with pilates and ballet movements are designed to lengthen and extend.  In addition, Barre uses fitness theory to put it all together in something that is going to give you results. Your body will not only feel leaner and lighter but toned, and strong.  You will lose inches all over as everything in your body tightens and pulls IN.

7.  What results can I expect and how soon can I see them? 

My clients tell me they see improved strength and more muscle definition.  They tell me they feel strong graceful and feminine!  Clients tell me they feel a difference immediately but see a difference after 4-5 workouts.


Don’t have a Barre Studio near you?  Prefer to work out at home?  Or maybe you want to try it at home first before you go to a studio?  You can check out my online program here –